Fresh Water and Food | Mankind From Space

It takes approximately 2,600 litres of water to create an average meal. And millions are eaten every hour. Check out more great clips from Mankind From Space on Discovery Canada:… Follow Discovery Canada on Twitter: Follow Discovery Canada on Facebook: Category Science & Technology

Vege Cakes @ is initiated to support Go Green and Be Meat Free campaigns We distribute to serve people who are in search of fine eggless baking products which has become part of our social contribution as well. A service through food for all who love eggless baking products, those with allergies, vegetarians and vegans.

Cruelty Free Skin care

The best way to go natural and cruelty-free is to make your own skin care from your own kitchen.  Ingredients that could become your beauty secrets are: Brown sugar Baking soda Apple cider vinegar Lemon Chick peas flour Fruits like water melon, apples, grapes Yogurt Fresh /powdered milk many more Or at least purchase those products …